26 October 2010

Here Comes Clay Shirky

Continuing my irregular "What I highlighted and why while reading Here Comes Everybody" series.
Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about.

Cory Doctorow, as quoted by Clay Shirky, Chapter 4, p. 99.
I love how this turns the "content is king" trope on its head. Sure, good content is important, but if a blog post falls in the forest and no one talks about it, does it make a difference?

Yeah, this kind of minimizes the role of lurkers, and we do know that the majority of people online and on social media are lurkers (although I do wonder if the 90-9-1 rule still holds), but as Jeff Hurt reminds us, it's not the information that matters - it's the engagement. Reading the most amazing blog post ever doesn't make me feel a part of a community - interacting with people does.

Associations have historically provided content - LOTS of content, LOADS of content, TONS of content - to our members, but, other than our annual meetings, we aren't great at encouraging conversation, particularly not if we don't get to be one of the participants.

I hope that's in the process of changing. It certainly needs to change, and people - our members - are figuring out ways to talk to each other, with or without us.

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