22 October 2010

Friday Top 5

Tomorrow marks the 10th anniversary of Make a Difference Day.  There are some official events going on locally here in DC, which I won't be able to participate in, but I thought I'd share my top 5 favorite ways to make a difference:
  1. Pick up trash on my street.  Hey, I'm picking up now, or I'm fishing it out of the Anacostia next September.
  2. Work with young professionals. Assisting members of the first class of ASAE's Leadership Academy has been the best volunteer gig I've ever done with ASAE.
  3. Be a good neighbor.  Whether it's loaning tools, bringing in mail while they're on vacation, helping with raking and snow shoveling, or making sure to invite them whenever we throw a really big party, getting to know and help my neighbors (particularly the fabulous older lady who's lived on the block longer than I've been alive) has been terrific.
  4. Give money locally.  No offense to the World Wildlife Fund, but my donation,even though it feels big to me, isn't even going to be noticed over there.  Giving that same amount to House of Ruth?  HUGE for them - and for me.
  5. Join a CSA.  This was my first summer doing a farm share with Shallowbrook Farms.  Our last box arrived on October 6, and I already can't wait for next May! 
How do you make a difference in the world?

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