02 September 2010

Women Who Tech

If I were not already going to be in Chicago at SHSMD, I would definitely be checking out this event: Women Who Tech. It's the third version of this annual telesummit and will take place on Wednesday, September 15.  As a telesummit, it's a specifically virtual event (but there will be an afterparty F2F component in DC, NYC, and San Francisco). 

The event features a solid lineup of presenters, including:
  • Mary Hodder, Technologist and Founder of of Dabble.com
  • Beth Kanter of Zoetica Media
  • Clay Shirky
  • Elisa Camahort Page, Co-Founder of BlogHer
  • Rashmi Sinha, Co-Founder of SlideShare
  • Connie Reece, Co-Founder of Social Media Club
  • Kaliya Hamlin, Founder of Shes Geeky
  • Genevieve Bell of Intel
  • Heather Harde, CEO of TechCrunch
  • Irene Au of Google
  • Lynne D. Johnson of the Advertising Research Foundation 
  • Tara Hunt
Topics will include items of both personal and professional interest.

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