29 September 2010

What I'm Reading

  • The 7 deadly sins, social media style.
  • Having trouble managing all your online outposts? Cisco's LaSandra Brill has some good advice.
  • I think this experiment reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of what social media is for and about.
  • Joe Gerstandt says: quit worrying about "empowering" me and just get out of my way! (PREACH!)
  • Want to kill all your innovation initiatives?  The Harvard Business Review blog tells you just what to do (and the only sure  way to keep them alive).
  • Lots of interesting discussion in the association blogosphere on leadership lately.  Cecilia Sepp has a different take on failures of leadership, illustrated well with an interesting personal story.
  • Hip to The Power of V yet? 
  • Is everything we collectively "know" about writing for the Web wrong
  • Do association execs really need all those consultants, or have we just overscheduled ourselves to the point that we have no time to think or work on big projects? 
  • About your "about" page, according to Seth Godin.
  • Amber Naslund shares tips for being more productive, and I can highly recommend ALL of them, as I do them myself.
  • Chris Brogan shares his thoughts on which social media metrics really matter. Unsurprisingly, they're the same metrics that matter in ALL our outreach efforts.
  • I'm reading my first book on my new toy, my brand-new Amazon Kindle 3G.  It's fluff - Jennifer Weiner's Certain Girls (which is definitely not her best book - that honor, in my opinion, goes to Little Earthquakes) - but that's kind of the point: it had been on my Amazon wish list for a while, but at $10 plus shipping, I wasn't in any hurry to get it.  $10 delivered wirelessly immediately?  Sign me up! I'm finding that I like the Kindle interface well enough, but it is definitely a different experience than actually reading a book.  Is it truly an acceptable substitute?  Time will tell...

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