22 September 2010

What I'm Reading

SUPER short list this week - I've been SUPER busy.  I promise to have more goodness to share next week.
  • Have you checked out the Year of Giving?  It's an interesting and inspiring project (and thanks to NACHRI member Amy Buehler Stranges for the info).
  • These opinions are my own - or are they?  
  • Shelly Alcorn describes why "leadership" is dead, and what we should be doing instead.
  • I've been reading the feminist classic novel The Awakening.  It's both an excellent work of literature and a very important book (concepts that don't always go together).
  • In other reading news, my darling spouse recently surprised me with a present:  a brand-new 3G Kindle.  This could be trouble for an avid reader such as myself....

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