08 September 2010

What I'm Reading

Short and busy week this week, so I don't have many items:
  • FBML on its way out? Yep. Now what are you going to do? John Haydon has some advice.
  • Maggie McGary addresses What Free Costs Me.  "Free" is a great concept, but we still haven't resolved the fundamental problem that I noted as a result of Jeff Howe's crowdsourcing keynote at ASAE's 2009 Technology Conference:  what about people who lose not only their jobs, but their careers
  • Our friends to the north (aka the the Canadian Society of Association Executives) have featured a terrific case study breaking down what went wrong with an association marketing plan.
  • I finished the second Sublette book over the holiday weekend and am currently reading Tony Bourdain's latest, Medium Raw.  He seems like he'd be a real SOB to know, but he's hilarious to read.

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