01 September 2010

What I'm Reading

  • Jamie Notter clues us in to what's killing our organizations - FEAR.
  • Have you thought about your elevator speech lately?  What will you do if the one person who can get you your dream sponsorship, job, conference speaker, or membership prospect suddenly ends up in there with you? 
  • Looking for social media help?  You might want to think twice about picking a PR firm to be your guru.
  • If, like me, you missed the third installment of Buzz 2010 (Oliver Blanchard on social media ROI), here's a solid recap of what he talked about.
  • Awesome presentation tips for before, during and after the event and including all different types of presentations.  Vow to try at least a few the next time you're presenting.
  • I finished Shirky on the plane to LA and will likely be doing a post or series of posts based on the items I highlighted while reading.
  • I also finished The World That Made New Orleans and have moved onto Ned Sublette's most recent book, The Year Before the Flood.  It's a personal memoir of both his childhood and 10 months he lived in New Orleans in 2004-2005, decamping several months before Hurricane Katrina, sprinkled with more of his excellent history of and reporting on the New Orleans music scene, but he remains a passionate and engaging (if somewhat polemical) writer.

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