10 September 2010

Friday Top 5

I'm heading to Chi-town this weekend for the SHSMD conference (for those of you keeping score at home, yes, this is the 5th weekend out of the last 6 I'm going to be out of town).  I LOVE Chicago, particularly during any part of the year when it's NOT bitterly cold.  Top 5 Things that are GREAT about Chicago.
  1. Awesome public art (check out the picture attached to this post)
  2. Equally awesome architecture
  3. The town is equally sports-mad to my home, Philadelphia.  Finally, I'm not the "crazy one."
  4. Great local blues scene (I'll be awfully busy, but I really hope I get to check some of it out - I particularly like Buddy Guy's Legends.)
  5. Getting to spend time with some of NACHRI's amazing members. The main reason I go to the conference is to meet face to face with members who are attending and find out more about them and their needs.  I already have appointments set up with about 20 people over 3 days (don't worry - I'm meeting with more than 1 person at a time in many cases), with more to finalize.  It will be exhausting but exhilarating, as seeing the commitment our members bring to the amazing work children's hospitals do renews my love for this industry and my job serving it.

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