18 August 2010

What I'm Reading

  • There's a great article by Scott Steen in the August Associations Now on Design Thinking, which has been on my mind a lot since Hackation.
  • Another good one from the August Associations Now, about Gen-X and leadership. Several of my really smart Gen-X peers were interviewed. And did you notice?  CAE, CAE, CAE, CAE.  I think there's a blog post in that somewhere.
  • ReadWriteWeb reports on people's expectations of crisis response in social media, and I have to wonder: is this realistic?
  • How to be a great boss.  Most of the advice seems pretty intuitive, but then again, how many *bad* boss stories are there to indicate it's not?
  • Jeff Hurt helps us understand how to disagree productively (and why it's so hard).
  • Just in time for #ASAE10: how to create "tweetable moments" in presentations.

1 comment:

Lisa Junker said...

Thanks, as always, for the kind words about Associations Now, Elizabeth! Just in case you might want to check it out, Scott Steen is also presenting on design thinking at the Annual Meeting. I'm sure he's going to cover a lot of things there wasn't room to fit into our cover story.