17 August 2010

NTEN Continues the Awesome

First it was Holly Ross's Single Ladies video as a reward for reaching the NTEN scholarship fund goal:

Now it's NTEN man.

Interestingly enough, Cisco also tried to copy the Old Spice man, and it was a complete #FAIL. So how does NTEN make it work? Because they know their community, and it IS a community - and they're riffing, not copying.

Moral of the story?  Know your audience, be real, be funny, and mighty forces will come to your aid - or, at the very least, you'll create some really awesome buzz.

(I was going to post the third and final installment of Big Questions for Associations today, but the day got away from me.  Look for it after #ASAE10!)

1 comment:

sarah@nten.org said...

Hey thanks Elizabeth!

Believe it or not, NTENMan was a last minute idea we came up with at our staff meeting the week before. We haven't done too much video, but are trying to branch out with our Social Media usage.

We thought it would be a fun experiment and realized we had to capitalize on the "Old Spice Moment". We were pretty pleased ourselves when it turned out well, albeit low budget with the Flip cam.

We're a tough audience, so we always hope that if it makes us laugh it will make everyone else laugh too. Glad you enjoyed it!