27 August 2010

Friday Top 5

The weekend marks the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. As anyone who knows me at all already knows, New Orleans is my emotional and spiritual home.  In honor of the continuing efforts at recovery (which were set back by the BP oil spill disaster)

Top 5 Things that weren't destroyed by Katrina/BP
  1. The Mardi Gras Indians (watch that link, though - it misses a LOT of key information)
  2. WWOZ
  3. The fantastic annual calendar of festivals
  4. Live, local music (although the storm took many legends from us, either during the flood itself or in the stressful aftermath, which was too much for many who were already in ill health)
  5. The spirit of the city

Photo credit: Artist Recording Collective

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Deirdre Reid said...

Guess what I'm listening to now? Thanks for the link.