13 August 2010

Friday Top 5

I leave for LA in a week for the big annual ASAE association geek fest (that's people who geek about associations. The meeting for geeks who work for associations is in December!).

The Other Top 5 Things I'm Looking Forward to (because, really, only 5? not enough!):
  1. The joint session given by the Leadership Academy for Young Professionals inaugural class (Tuesday at 10:45).  I've had the privilege to work with some of these exceptional young professionals over the past two years, and I think this session is going to be terrific. 
  2. The Thought Leader session on innovation featuring Pixar.
  3. The Live from LA edition of the SweetSpot.
  4. The annual CAE stage walk (at the General Session on Monday afternoon)
  5. Participating in one of the service projects (hoping to help with Helping Hands, supporting the Midnight Mission).
Image credit: Santa Monica property blog

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