30 July 2010

Friday Top 5

One of the things I love about NACHRI is the organization-wide commitment to wellness.  It manifests itself in many ways, from periodic office yoga classes to a weekly meditation group to a sponsored (and partially funded) Weight Watchers group to allowing me to organize 25+ of my colleagues to participate in a CSA on company time to the current wellness challenge:  walking.

For the past 7+ weeks, the overwhelming majority of staff have been wearing pedometers and dutifully recording our daily steps.  We started with a goal of 2000 per day, increasing by 1000 steps per day each week for 8 weeks (ending with 9000 steps per day for those who are bad at math).  Each individual who gets the requisite number of steps for the duration of the challenge will receive an extra vacation day.  We're also operating in self-selected teams of two.  The team with the most steps will receive a cash prize to spend on the fitness equipment of their choice.

Now, I get way more than 2000 steps on an average day.  Actually on most days, I get more than 9000 steps without doing anything out of the ordinary.  Can you see where this is going?  I just wanted the free day off...until the end of week 5, when our HR department announced the standings, and I discovered that my team was leading.  Oh, it was ON.

In week 6, we swapped the lead with the #2 team, and going into the final week (which started Wednesday), they were still in the lead, but only by about 11,000 steps (less than 1%).  The top two teams are more than 100,000 steps ahead of the #3 team, so it's down to the two of us. So I've been doing a LOT of walking.  A LOT.  Well in excess of 45 miles last week alone.

My Friday Top 5 honors that.  Here's what I'm looking forward to doing when the walking challenge ends on Wednesday:
  1. Wearing all the clothes that have been sitting, sad and alone, in my closet for the past 7+ weeks because there's nowhere to attach a pedometer to them.
  2. Practicing yoga, which I haven't done the entire time because those types of movements don't record as steps.
  3. Driving to wherever I'm going out in the evening and, as a result, getting to wear fabulous shoes, many pairs of which have also been sadly neglected this summer.
  4. Taking a day off (which you can do if you're just trying to earn the vacation day - you only have to get your steps 5 out of the 7 days in each week.  But if you want to win, there's no rest for the weary.).
  5. Hopefully using my winnings (assuming Team Walkin' After Midnight pulls it off) to buy some new walking shoes, because I REALLY need them at this point!

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