09 July 2010

Friday Top 5

It is H-O-T HOT in DC (and in fact, over the majority of the Eastern seaboard).  Trying to put a positive spin on it, the top 5 things that are great about a heat wave:
  1. Perfect opportunity to wear all my cute sandals and sun hats
  2. Delicious summer cocktails (mint juleps, "The Cuke," anything featuring fresh fruit and/or the blender)
  3. "It's too hot to cook" is an excellent excuse for having ice cream for dinner
  4. CSA bonus: everything's ripening ahead of schedule (we're already getting corn, tomatoes, and apples)
  5. At least we don't have 4+ feet of snow outside
Image credit: Pimp-my-profile.com

PS: when I was looking for an image to go with this post, I made the mistake of typing "hot" into Google images.  Don't ever do that.  You've been warned.

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