02 July 2010

Friday Top 5

I had the opportunity to participate in Hackaction this past Monday.  KiKi L'Italien (from Delcor) and Jeff De Cagna (of Principled Innovation) led us on a day-long journey to examine member value from new perspectives.  The top 5 things I learned:
  1. "Coopetition" (from Matt Baehr) was the word of the day.
  2. 90% of association staffers are forces for stability - 10% are forces for chaos.  Own being a force for chaos (if you have the courage).
  3. You have to go through a lot of crazy ideas to get to the good ones.
  4. Design thinking - the ability to imagine and create better models rather than just picking from those that already exist - may be the key to associations' continued viability.
  5. Associations don't really fear ideas, change, or failure.  What we really fear is criticism.  We need to get over the tyranny of the vocal minority.


Shelly Alcorn, CAE said...

Really great post! I loved each individual thought - particularly "Own being a force for chaos...."

These are all salient points for us to keep in mind at all times -


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shelly - it was a great day. I'm hoping other people who were able to participate post some of their thoughts here, too.

Matt Baehr said...

Thanks for the shout out, but I can't take credit for that one. However, I am not sure who to give the credit to, so go ahead and credit me anyway!