30 June 2010

What I'm Reading

  • Want to be a better writer?  Avoid "all the cliches fit to print."
  • Amber Naslund urges us to remember to have a purpose while educating our audiences about social media.
  • Want to know what's going on in technology in our community OUTSIDE social media?  Tagoras recently released the Association Technology Survey
  • Starting a white-label socnet for your members (we are)?  Engage365 has some great advice for making them feel welcome.
  • Lynn Morton takes on the topic of white label socnets, too, checking out the pros and cons.
  • Jamie Notter reminds us of the dangers of selection bias.
  • Mange your social presence in 10 minutes a day or less.
  • Which do people think is the greater threat in social media use - identity theft or overly aggressive marketing?  If you guessed "identity theft," you would be wrong. In other news, people are terrible at estimating risk. 
  • Still working on Mists of Avalon and on Shirky.  The problem I usually have with "business" books is that they seem to be written for idiots. They're usually at about a fifth grade reading level, with very few large print words on each copiously white-spaced page. And the observations come in two types: "Well, that's obvious" and "Oh my God, that's so f-ing obvious the author should be ashamed for trying to make money off of this!" Shirky used "attenuated" within the first 20 pages. LOVE!

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