23 June 2010

What I'm Reading

Short (but good) list this week:
  • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant (did I say "brilliant" enough? Well, maybe one more) brilliant (yes, it's that good) cover article in the June issue of Associations Now by Jamie Notter on creating a culture of truth. 
  • Another great article from the June issue of Associations Now - Marsha Rhea (who led an interesting session for the CAE Celebration last night on futurist thinking) on the power of collaborative learning. What can you do differently at your next event?
  • Awesome recap by Jeff Hurt of what looks like it was a fantastic presentation from PCMA on using social technologies in the 7 stages of event planning.
  • Twitter power user?  Chris Brogan has a great list of tips. I guarantee that at least a few will be new to anyone. 
  • I'm still reading The Mists of Avalon - it's a long book and a fun one, so I'm taking my time - and I just started Here Comes Everybody since I seem to keep missing hearing Shirky live.  Of course, I could cheat and read Matt Baehr's recaps of his read through the book, but...nah.  I'm not the Cliff's Notes (or even Baehr's Notes) type.

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Matt Baehr said...

Come on, everyone is a Baehr's notes type of person!