03 June 2010

#Hackaction, Redux

#Hackaction is dead - Long live #hackaction!

Wait - what?

It goes like this:  the planned April 22 event didn't happen.  But the idea's not dead - it's been re-cast as an opportunity to come together as association professionals and design innovative ways to communicate the value of membership.

When?  June 28

Where?  True Reformer Building on U Street in DC

How much?  FREE, yo!

Who?  You, silly!  Me, too.  Because even if you know everything there is to know about communicating the value of membership to your members, the least you can do is come impart your wisdom to the rest of us schmucks who are muddling around trying to do this.


Lauren said...

This sounds exciting! Excuse my rule-bound brain, but is there a time and agenda set yet? I hope to make it!

Anonymous said...

Not sure, but I asked KiKi L'Italien to respond (if there's any info to share at this point).

Elizabeth Baranik said...

Wish I could attend this event, but will help promote in any way I can. Look forward to keeping in touch with a webcast perhaps? And tweets of course!

KiKi L'Italien said...

Sure is! Check out the bottom (scroll down) of the www.hackaction.com page to see an agenda. :)
Can't wait!