11 June 2010

Friday Top 5

As many association professionals already know, ASAE's in the process of revamping their website. If I recall correctly, the last major redesign (current look, feel, and navigation) launched something in the neighborhood of 4 years ago, so it's due (plus it's still built around the old logo/name).  But before the current site rides into the sunset (not happening until later this year), I thought I'd give it a shout-out.  My top 5 favorite things about the current ASAE website:
  1. Acronym.  It's a consistently solidly written blog about current issues in association management, and they do a great job of inviting in guest bloggers from across the spectrum of the association profession.
  2. Career HQ.  Still the #1 source for jobs in association management; in the past year or so, ASAE's been putting a lot of effort into turning it from a job board into a true career center.
  3. The Member 2 Member community. ASAE has struggled to find the right online collaboration platform (anyone other than me remember the mess that was iCohere or the *first* SharePoint implementation?).  M2M's SharePoint underpinnings still show, but it's a dramatic improvement over previous attempts. 
  4. Associapedia.  The wiki for all things association-related.  Haven't visited lately?  Check out the list of topics covered - it's pretty impressive.  And then go look up something you know something about and add to the entry!
  5. The event calendar.  How else would I know what's going on?
Bonus link?  Are you a membership &/or marketing association professional?  Join us in the Membership, Marketing & Management network on Member 2 Member to talk shop with a bunch of association smarties.

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Lisa Junker said...

Thanks so much for the kind words about Acronym, Elizabeth (not to mention the great things you had to say about the CareerHQ, Associapedia, and all the rest). I hope the blog continues to hit the mark for you!