21 June 2010

Always the Last to Know: TR 10 Emerging Technologies

The brainiacs at MIT's Technology Review have come out with their list of top 10 emerging technologies:
  1. Real-time search
  2. Mobile 3-D
  3. Engineered stem cells
  4. Solar fuel
  5. Light-trapping photovoltaics
  6. Social TV
  7. Green concrete
  8. Implantable electronics
  9. Dual-action antibodies
  10. Cloud programming
Follow the link above for more information about all of them.


Hecate said...

Still no flying cars, I see. I was promised flying cars

Anonymous said...

DARPA's already on it - http://content.usatoday.com/communities/driveon/post/2010/01/government-starting-to-look-seriously-at-flying-cars/1