07 June 2010

Always the Last to Know: 10 Tactics

"Turning information into activism," 10 Tactics provides creative inspiration for rights activists with small budgets to attract attention and motivate people to act.  The site includes short films for each of the 10 tactics, plus a card for each that includes actual campaigns and case studies of that tactic in use.

The tactics include:
  1. Mobilize people
  2. Witness and record
  3. Visualize your message
  4. Amplify personal stories
  5. Just add humor
  6. Manage your contacts
  7. How to use complex data
  8. Use collective intelligence
  9. Let people ask you questions
  10. Investigate and expose
Hmmm...small budget, attract attention, motivate people to act...any of this sound familiar, association peeps?  Go check out the site and get inspired.

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