26 May 2010

What I'm Reading

  • 10 quick tips to make your next presentation better.
  • FB finally starts listening to the outrage, but is it too little, too late?
  • Zen wisdom from Seth Godin - the last 10% takes the most effort but also makes the most difference.
  • Scott Briscoe  rocks it out again at Acronym (hopefully this time ASAE will actually leave the post alone): is the reason you can't communicate your value to your members because you're inundating them with too much unimportant crap?
  • Brian Solis encourages us to flip the script:  instead of focusing our social media policies on how to avoid mistakes, why not focus on how to increase engagement? (Isn't that what you were after in the first place?)
  • Social media efforts going nowhere?  Dave Fleet has some ideas as to why.
  • Top 10 Mistakes New Bloggers Make (it's ostensibly about food blogging, but trust me, there's universal application here).
  • Zappos, an excellent example of all things social in general, shows us how to turn lemons into lemonade (provided you can stand to lose some revenue in the short term).

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