19 May 2010

What I'm Reading

  • Great post on why Xers will never be Boomers (be sure to check out the comments) from the GenerationXpert (aka Suzanne Kart).
  • Maddie Grant's latest column for Social Media Today on why a corporate blog will beat a press release every time.
  • Yet another call (from Marketing Sherpa this time) to Dump the Jargon.  Huzzah, I say!  Also, if you've never read it, check out the Gobbledygook Manifesto (PDF).
  • More on FB's utter lack of regard for your privacy and preferences, via an awesome New York Times graph. Also, more on the disaster that is FB community pages. And how to put your FB account on lockdown in only 33 easy steps (yes really, but at least it works and is comprehensive).
  • Should you respond to that complaint or not, and if so, how?  Associations Now has some advice.
  • A slightly tongue in cheek take on the whole MS Office 2010 v. Google Apps throw-down, also from the Times
  • KiKi L'Italien shares why tassels are critical to success.
  • In case your personal jury (or the jury of someone you know) is still out, Jeff Hurt answers the "is social media a fad?" question resoundingly:  NO.
  • Steve Almond (who's hilarious, by the way) on his history of email addiction (which is really a brief recap of the lifespan of the Internet to date). 
  • I might be crazy, but why does ANYONE think "social shopping" is a good idea? I REALLY don't want y'all to know how much I spend on shoes.
  • (really solid) Tips for live-tweeting an event.  
  • I'm re-reading Gloria Naylor's fantastic novel Mama Day. I was trying to explain it to someone on Monday, and the best I could come up with was "mystical realism fiction (a la Isabel Allende) set in the south and written from an African-American perspective."  If you haven't ever read it, check it out - it's quite good.
  • The nola.com coverage of the HBO show Treme.  I get probably 75% of the references, but for that other 25%, you can't beat it.

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