12 May 2010

What I'm Reading

  • I've been flogging the net neutrality issue ever since I worked at CoSN (2004 onward), but Shelly Alcorn does a typically awesome job of explaining why you should care in one blog post (or less).
  • The Hourglass blog has a compelling post on the idea of being "disruptively good" as relates to associations working with for-profits as for-profits move into our mission areas (get ready). 
  • Jamie Notter addresses this post as well, pointing out that associations are not entitled to exist.
  • Lynn Morton argues that privacy and trust are inextricably linked, and she's losing hers in Facebook (me, too).
    Speaking of, in light of recent screw-ups, are you planning a Facebook exit strategy?  This post at Tech Crunch will help.
  • Enterprise-level Twitter (may be) coming soon.
  • Are niche networks the next big thing? Mike Zapolin thinks so (which would be good news for associations).
  • DC Central Kitchen announces a Volunteer Bill of Rights which, by the way, is a GREAT idea.  What would one look like for your association?
  • I'm also reading the third Arianna Franklin "Mistress of the Art of Death" mystery, Grave Goods.  I'm not usually a huge mystery fan, but her protagonist is pretty compelling:  a female surgeon in 12th century Great Britain. 

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