06 May 2010

Happy 50th Birthday, CAE!

Did you know that this year is the 50th birthday of ASAE's signature professional development program, the Certified Association Executive designation?

Lots of cool celebratory stuff is in the works - there was a CAE only learning experience at the recent Great Ideas Conference, the annual CAE Celebration here in DC may go on the road, and we've got some really fun stuff in development for this year's Annual Meeting.

But we need your help!

Already a CAE?

The CAE 50th Anniversary Task Force (of which I am a member) is collecting memories from CAEs to create a multimedia timeline on the past 50 years. We'd love to get your story, whether you volunteer for a video or audio interview, have pictures or other artifacts you can share, or want to write a short (or not so short) vignette. ASAE staffer Mike Skiados, CAE is our contact point, so either drop him an email or ping me in the comments, at ewengel at yahoo dot com, or via Twitter (@ewengel).

It doesn't have to be some big long complicated thing, and it doesn't matter if you're not "important" (whatever that means) - we want all kinds of stories and you can just send in a sentence or two about what getting the CAE has meant to you, or give us a picture of you walking across the stage at Annual or with your study group or wearing your CAE pin. If you're willing to be interviewed, just contact me or Mike and we'll take it from there - or if you prefer, you can record something at your home or office and just send it in.

Not a CAE yet?

There's no time like the present to earn the association industry's most well-recognized, prestigious credential. You're running a little late for the May exam at this point (it's tomorrow), but you have PLENTY of time to prepare for the December exam. What are you waiting for?

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