28 May 2010

Friday Top 5

We're headed to Gotham for the long weekend, and I haven't been there in AGES! (actual time: I think almost 3 years...wait, that can't POSSIBLY be right...)

Anyway, the top 5 things I love about NYC:
  1. Getting to see my fascinating friend the photographer Barbara Nitke, who has a new gallery show open (the ostensible cause of the trip). (Her stuff is mostly NSFW, so no link.)
  2. DC is a good walking city, but NYC is a GREAT walking city.
  3. The Gershwin Hotel, which is pretty much where we always stay. Funky place, great location.
  4. NYC is a shopper's dream, and it's also home to the Manolo Blahnik store, aka the Mecca of Shoes.
  5. It's not New Orleans, but it does have a decent live jazz scene. (Don't get me started about the DC "Jazz Fest," where they've chosen to do the exact opposite of everything that makes jazz fests great. Sigh.)
Happy first weekend of summer!

Image Credit: opentravelinfo.com

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