14 May 2010

Friday Top 5

I had the opportunity to participate in UnAssociated with about 40-50 other really smart people this past Monday.  My top 5 takeaways from the unconference are:
  1. Membership is not a physical thing - it's a sense of belonging.
  2. Don't rebroadcast everything you do to every possible channel, or you'll risk pissing off your most involved members (who are the people who donate, volunteer, etc.) as they get notified of everything a million times.
  3. Live streaming events is a great marketing tactic - you don't know what you're missing until you know what you're missing.
  4. Want transparency and engagement? Get new blood on your Board, and get your traditional Board tasks disseminated out to other segments of your community.
  5. Your bottom line shouldn't be your only concern - think about how what you do affects your volunteers, your members, your customers, and your entire community of interested parties.

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