21 April 2010

What I'm Reading

  • John Haydon reviews Beth Kanter's 7 Qualities of Networked Nonprofit. How does your organization measure up?
  • 11 killer FB apps for your nonprofit, from the babes at Social Fish
  • Speaking of FB, I asked for help on figuring out the differences between FB Fan Pages and FB Groups & lots of people came to the rescue with great resources (ooo! charts!).
  • Got a FB Fan Page already? Pimp it up!
  • The Library of Congress acquires the entire Twitter archive (yes, the whole way back to May 2006 when the service was launched).  Bring on the powerful data tools!
  • Biggest detriment to happiness? Turns out yt's not fighting with your loved ones, a bad boss, annoying colleagues, or running out of bourbon just after the neighborhood liquor store closes- it's long commutes, which does not bode well for those of us in and around DC (which, I might point out, includes our nation's lawmakers).
  • Scott Briscoe hits another home run (or at least a triple) at Acronym with Uncommon Sensical HR Practices. I particularly love the idea of not worrying about all the scheduling - it's a ROWE thang.
  • Do nonprofit boards really want younger members? The answer seems to be no.
  • Fun (and timely) article from one of my colleagues:  email lessons from a hockey coach. Go Flyers!
  • Build a better "About Us" page.
  • The National Journal just released a great report, Washington in the Information Age, that shows how DC insiders are like - and different from - the general public in consumption of information.  (That link up there takes you to an interactive site for the data, and you can also download the full PDF report.)
  • Being seduced by the IPad?  12 reasons why NOT to get one, and some questions that might push you the other way.
  • Currently between books, but I'm planning to read Dave Eggers's Zeitoun while in NOLA for Jazz Fest.

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