01 April 2010

Happy April Fools: Office (and other) Pranks

I've never done anything this creative, but yes, this is EPIC:

The best pranks I've been involved with have included:
  • Pulling all of inveterate Beaconfire prankster John Brian's pranks on him. All at once.
  • Taking the college game "Bang, You're Dead" to a whole new level by helping a friend send "Bang, You're Dead" postcards from all over the world to another friend over about 2 years.
  • Completely swapping two people's dorm rooms down to the last tiny detail (payback for the "Bang, You're Dead" prank, and yes, I got to play both sides of that game).
  • Lying in wait on the floor at the foot of my brother's bed at night, waiting until he got in bed & got good & comfortable with the lights out long enough to be almost asleep, then leaping up and scaring the hoo-has out of him. If he drops dead at 42, it's probably my fault.
What's the best prank you've ever pulled? The best prank that's ever been pulled on you?


shoegal said...

For a (self-avowed redneck) colleague's 40th birthday, we replaced all his office furniture with fugly broken-down living room furniture and liberally sprinkled pizza boxes and empty cans of Mountain Dew around. I'm trying to remember if we did the "sacred circle of underwear" from Defending the Caveman or not.

Best prank on me: when my housesitter and our friends (one who shall remain nameless but has the initials EWE) staged several mock theme parties in my house one day while I was on an extended business trip in Australia, leading me to believe that my house was party central in my absence. I still want a copy of the photos!

Anonymous said...

Remind us about this tonight - Jim may know where the photos are.