17 March 2010

What I'm Reading

  • Cook Children's Healthcare System (NACHRI member, natch) is the first children's hospital to launch an iPhone app. St. Louis Children's (also a NACHRI member) is the second.
  • The top 30 objections to using social media and some potential responses.
  • Learning innovation from the Big Dogs (Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, IBM CEO Samuel Palmisano).
  • You've got fans - now how do you keep them? Andy Sernovitz has some advice.
  • New guest blogger Beau Ballinger's first post on Acronym. To paraphrase US magazine: "YPs! They're just like us!"
  • 35 cool social media infographics. Pretty pictures! YAY!
  • Leslie White guest blogs for the SocialFish on how to be a social media pest (no, this is not something you want to aspire to).
  • Don't sweat the small stuff - and a lot of social media mistakes are pretty damn small.
  • The 11 commandments of corporate Twitter.
  • What blogs should you read? Rohit Bhargava has some advice.
  • Facebook: Group? Fanpage? Both? This post weighs the options.
  • Follow up to #ideas10: Maddie Grant recaps a lot of the best stuff. Lynn Morton blogged quite a bit rather than tweeting. JNott reminds us it's all about the love. And Frank Fortin managed to score a comment from Dan Pink himself!
  • Likewise, follow up to #2010cc (which is why I wasn't at #ideas10): Chris Wilder blogs about his, Ed Bennett's and Deb Braidic's social media pre-con. There's also some great video and a lot of sessions were recapped on the NACHRI conference blog, Connected Thinking. And our first experiment with Twitter for a conference was a roaring success (click on "view transcript" for 3/8/2010 - 3/12/2010).
  • I'm also re-reading Daphne DuMaurier's great gothic romance novel, Rebecca, which I haven't read since I was a teenager.

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