26 March 2010

Friday Top 5

Spouse and I went to see Clybourne Park at Woolly Mammoth Theater last night. The WaPo was right - it was excellent. In honor of that, today's Friday Top 5 is the Top 5 Things I've Seen On Stage in DC:
  1. Top Dog/Under Dog (Studio Theater's 2003-2004 season)
  2. Take Me Out (Studio Theater's 2004-2005 season)
  3. Schoolgirl Figure (Cherry Red Productions, summer 2002)
  4. Jerry Springer the Opera (Studio Theater's Fringe Fest 2008 offering)
  5. Pillowman (Studio Theater's 2006-2007 season)

It's interesting that so many are Studio Theater productions, because I would say that Woolly is my favorite DC theater company - they're a little less consistent than Studio, but they also take more chances.

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