29 March 2010


Seeing as I'm at the #snowMG delayed Membership Section Council "winter" meeting today, this seems particularly apropos.

ASAE has launched their annual call for volunteers.

"Who, me?"

Yes you!

"I'm not important enough!"

I thought so, too, but all you need is passion for association management and a desire to give back to the association community. There are lots of options:
  • The various committees deal with profession-wide issues like ethics and diversity
  • The section councils are great for subject matter experts (marketing, technology, membership, professional development, etc.)
  • The action teams are good choices for people in the DC area
  • CAEs have a variety of options for contributing to the certification program
Don't want to go to a bunch of meetings? Sign up to be an "open volunteer" and focus your energy on ad hoc projects with quick turn-arounds.

Applications are due by Friday, April 9.

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