10 February 2010

What I'm Reading

The Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse/snowMG/Snowdiculous/I snowrredner edition:
  • Shelly Alcorn on the recent SCOTUS decision on campaign financing. Not sure why it matters? Let Shelly school you.
  • Web sites? We don't need no stinking web sites!
  • 5 Questions with Seth Godin on the release of his new book Linchpin.
  • Jeff Hurt on room block insanity.
  • I'm not a foursquare user, but I find the who douchebag fracas hilarious. Maggie McGary weighs in.
  • Deirdre Reid's put together a convenient list of the best and worst of conference schwag, so you can prepare your shopping list for your next show.
  • Dull website? Focus on the future rather than the past.
  • Fast Company helps you tame the email beast (and you'll need the help whenever you manage to get back to the office).
  • The latest release from the Pew Internet & the American Life project has some surprising findings about teens and social media.
  • Stop talking - start doing. Notes from a panel at SMWNYC.
  • Tweeting about the snowpocalypse is great fun for individuals, but if you want to tweet to build your brand, you better have a plan.
  • Just finished Aravind Adiga's Man Booker prize-winning and quite excellent The White Tiger. Orientalist fantasies about India? This book blows them out of the water and is a great read. Now re-reading Nine Lives, a fantastic book by Dan Baum about nine New Orleanians both before and after Hurricane Katrina. If the snow keeps up, I may re-read my way through all the TC Boyle novels on my bookshelf, which should keep me busy for at least a little while!


Shelly Alcorn, CAE said...

Thanks for the shout out as well as links to other interesting posts I hadn't gotten to yet -

I always enjoy your recommendations....


Deirdre Reid said...

Elizabeth! Don't you know how many tabs I already have open to read? I love your reading lists, there's always something on there that I haven't seen, and those books sound intriguing. Nothing beats a cozy snowy day with a good book while the wind howls outside. Of course, you've had a lot of those lately, so you may no longer be feeling it. Thanks for listing my post too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies! @Deirdre - I give both books a hearty thumbs up and I think one, if not both, is available for Kindle if you're really bored.