03 February 2010

What I'm Reading

You've got questions? Someone's got answers (and I'll try to point you to them) edition:
  • Need some content ideas? Ann Handley has some tips.
  • Social media efforts not working? Francisco Rosales holds up a mirror.
  • Thinking about launching a blog? Francisco (who's apparently on a roll this week) has some advice.
  • Blogging rules? Kelly Diels says "F it." (and no, that's not short for a bad word) -
  • What if no one cares? Joe Rominiecki explains why that will force you to be better.
  • What's going on at Social Media Week? Beats me (I'm not cool enough to be there), but SmartBrief can help keep my fellow un-coolios up to date.
  • Screwed up royally recently? Guy Kawasaki reminds us that there are right ways and wrong ways to rectify the situation.

1 comment:

Jesse Stanchak said...

You're totally cool enough to come to SMW! After all, you read SmartBrief -- that should be proof enough for anyone. Thanks for mentioning us!