26 February 2010

Friday Top 5

Untech10 was great - don't get me wrong - and SnowTech10 will be webcasting 6 more sessions. But the Tech10 cancellation was still a bummer. Top 5 Things I Missed:
  1. Vint Cerf's keynote. My geek crush is still unrequited.
  2. Clay Shirky's keynote. Am I destined NEVER to hear him?
  3. The Tweetups.
  4. Exhibit hall fun - and giveaways.
  5. Seeing my association peeps - I saw *some* of you at Untech10, but there were plenty who couldn't make it.
ASAE is thinking about trying to re-schedule for May, so keep an eye on the web/Twitter for updates.

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