12 February 2010

Friday Top 5

The Top 5 Things I learned at #Untech10:
  1. Still think social media's just for tweeting what you had for lunch or playing Mafia wars? Well, YOU don't, obviously, because you're reading this blog, but you might know some haters who still need proof. Boom. Proof. Two years ago, ASAE would've had to cancel Tech, and that would have been the end of the story. Now? In 36 hours, we had a bouncing baby two-day unconference ready to roll. Speaking of...
  2. The power of volunteers. Seriously, it's time to quit making your volunteers sit through endless meetings. Free them to DO something and mighty forces will come to your aid. Literally.
  3. My top tweetaway? Social media doesn't have rules - it has religions, and we need to provide different spaces for the devotees of different sects.
  4. My next-to-top tweetaway? Reggie from AOA's comment about creating a social culture in our organizations.
  5. Finally, nothing, not even snowtorious B.I.G., can keep the YAPstars from getting our dance on. NOTHING.


Jennifer Berk said...

(3) is interesting, hope you'll talk more about it. (2) is what I'm trying to focus on for my current project - trying to better communicate where we're going, too.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I'll plan to write a separate post about the whole "social media as religion" - thanks for the comment!