09 February 2010

"Chilling" Twitter Stream

Amazing real time stream of Lani Rosales's tweets from the ER while her spouse, Benn, was having a heart attack.

A few things occur to me:

1. You really, really can't hide bad service any more. The hospital comes off looking VERY bad, and now thousands of people know about it, not just the Rosaleses inner circle.

2. One of the main complaints about social media relationships is that they aren't "real." These relationships seem pretty damn real to me.

3. Make sure you read Amy Romano's comment.

(shout out to my colleague Mimi Saffer for the link)

1 comment:

Ben Martin, CAE said...

I know Lani and Benn (the proof) and watched these updates on his heart attack come in as they happened. Crazy stuff. And yes, I met them online before meeting them IRL. Benn and Lani are very well known in the real estate online space and have done an awesome job creating a compelling online presence.