20 January 2010

What I'm Reading

It's (almost) all social media all the time this week.
  • Is your organization social media ready or not?
  • Is privacy going out of style? Mark Zuckerberg thinks so (which explains a LOT of otherwise inexplicable FB policy choices, come to think of it).
  • Social marketing is a mind-set (even worldview?) not a tool, argues John Jantsch.
  • More Guy Kawasaki dragon-style Twitter-fu, this time from CES.
  • Want more Guy? Slides from his presentation on the Art of Innovation at CES are now available.
  • Brian Solis shares 10 Stages of SocMed Evolution. Where are you?
  • Is blogging dead? Steve Rubel thinks so. (so what are you doing here?)
  • John Haydon's still working on his 31 days of social media optimization, and I love this title: 12 Steps to Creating a Bootlicious FB Page. HEE! (good advice, too)
  • Of course, once you make all those improvements, you'll want to track what's going on.
  • Getting overwhelmed with all this SocMed hoopla? Some tips on how to survive the tsunami.
  • Documents are not strategy. In other news, Jamie Notter's really smart.
  • I'm also finishing up Blindness by Jose Saramago. It's an interesting book. I suspect blind people probably find it offensive - the basic premise is that everyone except one woman in an unnamed city goes blind and reverts to beastial behavior. There are several suspension of disbelief problems. But it's not supposed to be narrative fiction - it's kind of a fairy tale, although one in which the wolf eats grandma and Red and doesn't get punished.

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