13 January 2010

What I'm Reading

I've giving a luncheon presentation for the Association Foundation Group's January meeting tomorrow on online fundraising, and I've found all sorts of interesting references.
(Yes, I'm also posting all these here for the convenience of those who will attend the session tomorrow, so they don't have to try to correctly transcribe all the URLs from the slides. Which, by the way, I will post tomorrow afternoon.)


Jeffrey Cufaude said...

Thanks for the list. Do you ever post these on a social bookmarking site and then give out the URL?

I've been in a few sessions that did that (and I've done it a few times as well. Seems like a nice approach that preserves the links for future reference.

Anonymous said...

@Jeff - some of these are in my Delicious bookmarks under "fundraising" but not all - I should probably get on that, shouldn't I?