05 January 2010

Social Media Measurement

Short version? Right now, it's pathetic. But it needs to/will get better.

Want more? Check out socialmediatoday.


Carol-Anne Moutinho said...

Many very astute thoughts in there - loved the Social media timeline and your predictions. Bravo! One question - would you be able to share a source or two for the comment you made that it takes 3 months to a year to see any ROI for social media? Just curious. Thanks and again, well done!

Anonymous said...

@Carol-Anne - thanks for the positive comments, but it's not actually my presentation. You'd want to contact Marshall Sponder, whose information is on the first slide, on his Slideshare account (see the links under the presentation), and on the last page of the presentation.

Carol-Anne Moutinho said...

Ooops! Obviously I hadn't had my coffee when I wrote that. Thanks for pointing that out and thanks for sharing the presentation!