29 January 2010

Friday Top 5

There are only two more Sundays in the 2009 NFL season (and let's face it, who watches the Pro Bowl?*). Top 5 Good Things about the End of Football Season:
  1. Increased exercise in the fresh air and sunshine thanks to not spending all day every Sunday on the couch shouting at the TV (yes, even during the pre-game. It's not MY fault Michael Irvin is an idiot).
  2. Time to pursue my other hobbies now that the football blogging pressure will ease.
  3. The ability to start the Food Lab experiments with Chef Spouse, Mad Kitchen Scientist, and The Executive Committee.
  4. Seeing more of my non-football-fan friends.
  5. 7 blissful Troy Aikman-free months.
Sigh. I'm lying. Much as I'm looking forward to that stuff, there really is nothing good about football season ending. How many more days until the draft?

*OK, OK I admit it - I have been known to watch the Pro Bowl. But only to help ease my withdrawal symptoms! I swear!


Shannon Otto said...

Less than three months until the draft!! Personally, I'm bummed they decided to stretch it out over three days because I like to watch it w/ out-of-town friends. Watching the first round alone on a Thursday will be sad, unless I decide to take Friday off of work and head out of town to watch it with them.

As an SEC fan, I'm curious to see where Tim Tebow will go. (I'm a Georgia alum, so I'm also extremely sad to say goodbye to Rennie Curran, Jeff Owens and the rest of the seniors - and juniors who decided to leave.)

Who are cheering for next weekend?

Anonymous said...

@Shannon - Saints, baby! My head says that the Colts will win, but my heart's cheering for the black & gold. WHO DAT?