15 January 2010

Friday Top 5

"They" (whoever "they" are) are predicting an unusually harsh winter in the DC area. We've already had snow twice, which is pretty much twice more than normal. And many, many of you are making a hash of driving in it, thus inspiring today's Friday Top 5:

Top 5 Tips for Driving in Snow

(and yes, I do know better than you do - I was raised and learned to drive in Pennsylvania)
  1. You have to clean off your car. Yes, your ENTIRE car. Yes, even you, Mr. SUV Owner. Yes, even the roof. I know it's high, but getting that monstrosity was your choice. Get a step ladder.
  2. SLOW DOWN. I know you're really excited that there's less traffic than usual. Slow down anyway. No, slower. No, SLOOOOOWER.
  3. Normal braking distance? Triple it. Minimum.
  4. For those of you with automatic transmissions (which seems to be pretty much everyone other than me these days): you know that mysterious "low" gear your car has? This is what it's for - use it.
  5. If it's icy, just stay home. You cannot drive in ice. No, not even you, Mr. SUV Owner.


Shannon Otto said...

Great tips! I was actually iced into my house last Friday because my entire neighborhood is made up of hills. Some people still attempted to drive in Atlanta and there were more than 500 accidents in the metro area alone! Crazy. Drive safely, everyone!

Smeske said...

Add one more - no cell phone use, texting, talking, eating, driving, personal hygiene should be done whilst driving in weather. Nice list.

Robin Smith said...

Great list for us Washingtonians to heed, especially #5! Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

@Smeske - that's just good advice in general. WaPo reported on a study this week that indicated that 28% of accidents are a result of "distracted" driving. Pay attention, y'all!

David M. Patt, CAE said...

I liked #1 best. Lots of drivers don't clean any snow off their cars. They just turn on the windshield wipers and lower the driver's window enough to see out. Then they speed into traffic with little vision.

Sometimes, I just want to get out there and clean the snow off their cars for them. But they should do it themselves.

Anonymous said...

@David - particularly since you aren't their mom - or their chauffeur.