08 January 2010

Friday Top 5

The verdict is in: this year's New Year's resolution is to go to Philadelphia Eagles training camp at Lehigh University this summer.

For those who don't already know, I have a rule for resolutions: fun only, and preferably something that I've been wanting to try or learn.

Top 5 Best New Year's resolutions ever:
  1. Hitting all the Washingtonian magazine's Top 100 restaurants that were a) in DC and b) ones I hadn't yet dined at.
  2. Trapeze lessons.
  3. Sky diving.
  4. Learn to make the perfect manhattan
  5. Trying out for DC Rollergirls
What fun things are you going to promise yourself this year?


shoegal said...

When did you go skydiving? I hadn't heard about that one.

Anonymous said...

Before moving to DC. I wasn't as consistent about doing the fun resolution every year then, but I did do it some years, which is what gave me the idea to do it every year.

Sam said...

One of the DCRG refs is a sky diving instructor. So you might be able to over lap the two.