09 December 2009

What I'm Reading

This is must be Official Smartness Week in the blogosphere. Check it out:
  • Kevin Holland is smart, "branding" is (often) stupid.
  • More awesomeness from Shelly Alcorn on what Star Trek can teach us about leadership. Not only does this totally warm my geek heart, her points are REALLY, REALLY relevant.
  • DARPA uses balloons (and a cash prize) to study game theory and human behavior in social networks. This is just like grad school, only without the soul-crushing angst!
  • Smartness from Jeremy Epstein about online marketing. It's all about cultivating relationships, as any fundraiser can tell you. Why do so many of us have such as hard time with that?
  • Smartness from Seth Godin on "protecting" your ideas in the digital age. Short version? Don't - but make sure there's a way for people to pay you for them, and use them as a way of establishing your rep as an idea generator.
  • You know who else is smart? Jeffrey Cufaude, who asks if your ideas are "spongeworthy," and if that's even a good goal.
Edited to add: HAD to include this post from Jamie Notter: The time may not be right for everything...but it's ALWAYS right for something.

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KiKi L'Italien said...

Loved the link to Seth Godin's piece...too funny!