03 December 2009

Recapping the Twitter Stories

Well, I've reached the end of the task I set for myself: trying to help associations think about some potential answers to the "why" of Twitter.

To recap, Twitter can be used for:
And probably a host of other things I haven't even heard about, thought about, or seen yet.

If your association is NOT using Twitter, I hope this series has at least given you some things to think about as you consider what are the right platforms and level of involvement for your organization in the world of social media.

If your association is already on Twitter, I hope this series has sparked a few ideas about what *else* you might be able to use the platform for.

Either way, I hope it's been as much fun to read as it was to write. And, of course, please bring up all the groovy uses I'm sure I missed in the comments, on your own blog, or on Twitter!

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