04 December 2009

Friday Top 5

Do you know what tomorrow is? It's Repeal of Prohibition Day! 66 years ago tomorrow, the US finally came to its senses and ended the disastrous experiment that was Prohibition. Which means it's time to celebrate. But how?
  1. Go to the 2nd Annual Repeal Day Ball, sponsored by PS 7's and the DC Craft Bartenders Guild.
  2. Visit one of the Washingtonian Magazine list of 75 Best Bars in the DC area.
  3. Accomplish at least ONE of the things on this list.
  4. Throw a cocktail party, Roaring Twenties attire preferred.
  5. Go to the National Archives and pay your respects to the Constitution of the United States.


Shannon Otto said...

Love your list, Elizabeth - especially No. 4. My friends and I might have to do throw a roaring '20s party sometime, but tomorrow is short notice. I'm sure we'll still celebrate, though! ;)

Anonymous said...

@Shannon - it's not too late to throw a party-party tomorrow night. Throw a Roaring '20s party NEXT year :)