29 December 2009

Big Idea Month: So what will YOU do TODAY?

Innovation can come from a big idea:
"What if we took ARPNet and made it available to everyone?"
Innovation can come from a small idea:

And really, it all comes down to:
How can we be better today than we were yesterday?
The thing is, all this big thinking or small thinking or medium thinking doesn't matter a damn unless you actually DO something. I'm going to quote JNott again:
The time may not be right for everything...but it's ALWAYS right for something. Do something, and learn from it.
Or, to quote Shelly Alcorn:
Political environments are generally about protecting the status quo. Innovation in the governmental and/or non-profit arena is generally seen as a threat to the status quo. Chief staff executives are generally seen as protectors of the status quo. Ergo, innovative executives are generally seen as a threat to the organization.
What does that mean for you? If you're not the CEO/ED, probably good things - innovation, in most of our organizations, is going to need to come from somewhere other than the top spot.

The New Year starts in a few days. And I'm not a fan of Big, Serious Resolutions. But I might make an exception in this case.

I'm challenging myself and the association community to ask ourselves, every day:
What can I DO TODAY to make myself, my job, my association, and/or life for our members better than it was yesterday?
Big idea. Small idea. Medium idea. Doesn't matter. No excuses. "But I'm not the Grand Poobah!" Good! Be better.

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