21 October 2009

What I'm Reading

  • Baseball, motherhood, apple pie, and technology: Why Netbooks are better than Smart Phones. This article nicely captures why I chose the Macbook Air, at an admittedly considerably higher cost than either a Netbook or a Smart Phone. (Shout out to Maggie McGary for the link)
  • All the amazing posts from last week's blog action day. Be sure to check out the posts on whitehouse.gov, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown's blog, Change.org, the Huffington Post, Beth Kanter....
  • Will Xers just quit? It would fit nicely with our early 90s slacker image :)
  • The post that is perhaps the apex of the Xer meme Maddie started a few weeks ago. HEE! Kevin Holland's awesome.
  • Curious about what happened at the NACHRI annual meeting? Check out Connected Thinking, our conference blog.
  • Jeff De Cagna encourages us to quit trying to be relevant. Jamie Notter says be human instead.
  • Quick primer on how one association is using social media outposts for awesomeness in serving their members.
  • Planning a social media campaign? Read this first.

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