07 October 2009

What I'm Reading

  • The much-anticipated SocialFish white paper on the top white label social media platforms for associations is out, and IT ROCKS. Go download it right now. I'll wait...
  • Ogilvy writes about how hospitals are quietly leading the way in social media, and children's hospitals are quietly leading the way among hospitals. Case in point? 18 of the top 20 hospitals on Facebook are children's hospitals! Go us!
  • I was going to write all about Sidewiki, but Mads beat me to it. Short version? You need to pay attention to this.
  • Lindy reminds us - once again - that social media requires us to give up control. But what should we replace it with? Clarity.
  • Jamie muses on forests, trees, leadership, hierarchy, mirco and macro approaches, and, ultimately, getting problems solved for members. Smart stuff.
  • Maggie busts the "house party" concept, big time (in the interest of full disclosure, I was the one who posted the video to FB, and if she does get selected, I'm first in line for shots), just at the time the FTC is getting involved in this issue too. Bloggers should not be corporate shills, and if they want to be, at least the FTC has said they have to own up. It's about time, and, bloggers, have some pride, yo.
  • Associations Now is doing more crowdsourcing - go vote on article topics that interest you!
  • NACHRI is big on consultants and theories and staff development and all that stuff that can be both good for the organization and bring out my GenX cynical/snarky side. Latest case in point? I just read Uniting the Virtual Workforce on my last business trip. "Virtual distance" is, apparently, our latest management concept. The warm-n-fuzzy part of me says that this can help us identify where breakdowns in communication are likely to take place and take steps ahead of time to ameliorate them. The snarky part of me says, "We needed an expensive (both in staff time and actual dollars spent) consulting engagement and a book to tell us that electronic means complicate communication and many people don't use them very well? In other shocking news, grass still green, sky still blue, gravity still working." The BIG training comes later, so we'll see what I think after we've dug into it more.
  • Finally, I'm just finishing up another great T.C. Boyle book, A Friend of the Earth. He is, if not my favorite fiction author, at least in the top 5. Delicious prose, clever plots, fairly dark outlook on the world. Yummy! If you've never read anything of his, I highly recommend him and I'd probably start with either Tortilla Coast or Drop City.


Lisa Junker said...

Thank you for spreading the word about our crowdsourcing experiment, Elizabeth! I've been really excited to see some of the ideas being posted (and surprised at some of what's been voted up, and voted down--which is great. I love it when our readers surprise us). Thank you so much for your support of Associations Now!

Maggie McGary said...

Thanks for the link love! That PR chick was NOT happy with me.