30 October 2009

Friday Top 5

I'm not a big horror movie fan, but there are some good scary movies out there. In honor of the season, my top 5 favorite scary movies:
  1. Scream. The first - and still the best - horror/comedy mashup. Wes Craven, you're the man.
  2. Blair Witch Project. I know "nothing happens!" but if you've ever spent much time in the woods alone or in small groups, you can totally see something like this going down, and it will scare the hoo-has out of you.
  3. Psycho. It's a classic, and the first Hitchcock movie I ever saw, I think when I was in the 5th or 6th grade. Yes, I went through a period afterwards when I was afraid to take showers.
  4. Night of the Living Dead. The first - and still the best - zombie movie.
  5. Halloween. Yes, the original. How could I have this list and NOT include Ms. Jamie Lee Curtis, the scream queen?
Go get your spooky on!


Tony Veroeven said...


Not a bad List. Can't say I disagree with any of them!

Blair Witch for me made it interesting camping for the next couple years!

Scream isn't my favorite, I might put in "Alien".


Anonymous said...

I actually liked Aliens better than Alien - "Get away from her, you bitch!" Sigourney Weaver rules!